English page (Shintaro Kurachi)


Shintaro Kurachi (Meiji University, Senior Assistant Professor, School of Political Science and Economics)

2016.4~2017.3 Keio University Faculty of Economics, Research Associate)
2016.4~2019.3 Takasaki City University of Economics,Part-time Lecturer(Local Public Finance)
2017.4~2019.3 The Tokyo Institute for Municipal Research,Researcher

2019.4~ Meiji University, Senior Assistant Professor, School of Political Science and Economics

Quest for Ecological and Sustainable Economies in Eurasia:
Historical Paths and Future Strategies (ESEE),Collaborating Researcher


Keio University, Graduate School of Economics, M.A. 2013
Concentration: Public Finance, Tax policy in Nordic countries
Dissertation(Master): The Interaction of Tax Policy in the Nordic Countries  ~ The Case of the introduction of Dual Income Tax in Sweden and Denmark


Public Finance (Tax policy and Social policy in Nordic countries)



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