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Shintaro Kurachi (Meiji University,Associate Professor, School of Political Science and Economics)

2016.4~2017.3 Keio University Faculty of Economics, Research Associate)
2016.4~2019.3 Takasaki City University of Economics,Part-time Lecturer(Local Public Finance)
2017.4~2019.3 The Tokyo Institute for Municipal Research,Researcher

2019.4~ Meiji University, Senior Assistant Professor, School of Political Science and Economics

2024.4~ Meiji University, Associate Professor, School of Political Science and Economics

Quest for Ecological and Sustainable Economies in Eurasia:
Historical Paths and Future Strategies (ESEE),Collaborating Researcher

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Keio University, Graduate School of Economics, M.A. 2013
Concentration: Public Finance, Tax policy in Nordic countries
Dissertation(Master): The Interaction of Tax Policy in the Nordic Countries  ~ The Case of the introduction of Dual Income Tax in Sweden and Denmark


Public Finance (Tax policy and Social policy in Nordic countries)



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  • Kurachi,S. (2016) “A Comparative Historical Analysis of the Tax Revolts in Denmark and Japan” EIJS Seminar “Three Historical Analyses on Japan’s Fiscal Issues” 14 September 2016, Stockholm.(program) (Presentation pdf)
  • Kurachi,S. (2016) “A Comparative Historical Analysis of Tax Revolts and Social Service in Denmark and the U.S. State California” Business and Tax Policies, Policy History Conference, 2016, June 3.(program pdf) (Presentation pdf)
  • Kurachi,S. (2015)”The Process of Universalism in the Danish Welfare System” International Conference “Changing Fortune of the Fiscal State in Industrialized Democracies” at Odawara, July 31,2015.(Presentation pdf
  • Kurachi,S. (2014)“How did Denmark confront its tax revolt?” Social Science History Association Annual Meeting, Toronto, Tax Policy in Europe and the United States, November 6, 2014(Program).




Public Finance (Meiji University, Teikyo University, Rikkyo University)

Seminar (Rikkyo University)


Public Finance (Keio University Correspondence Courses)

Local Public Finance (Takasaki City University of Economics)


Japan Institute of Public FinanceJapan Association of Local Public FinanceSociety for Environmental Economics and Policy StudiesJapan Association for Northern European StudiesJapan Sociological Society、Japan Association for the Study of Local Government



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