Course Description

This small class’s aim is a deepening of understanding of economic and social problem from the view of theory and practice. Public finance and economic problem has considerable attention because this problem is often covered everyday. However, the only lecture of macro economics and micro economics which you take a class may be not enough to understand the real problems. The students will learn about the economic and social problem for example tax and social security, inequality and poverty, public debt, immigration etc. actually through the reading and discussion. In the first half of course, we read books and discuss about the book. Students make the resume(documents for presentation) in order. The last half of course takes the lecture of debate format(Japanese) based on your interest. I welcome the students who has wide interest and study actively.

It is not otherwise specified.
Handouts are available for download from the following website:

Lecturer’s Comments to Students (in English)
This course is taught entirely in Japanese.
This lecture also explain how to use survey of article and books etc., references and the database, which the lecture of “Academic Writing” may not explain. By this lecture, you may get these ability through a year. Preparation for lecture is required.

I will answer any questions and offer consultation via e-mail(mail[at] The detail of this lecture is the following address: